We produce propulsion and control systems for trains and electric vehicles, signaling systems, power supply solutions, platform screen doors, rail maintenance vehicles, marine engineering equipment and component products for various applications.

Rolling Stock & Railway
We offer a broadest portfolio in the rail industry ranging from rolling stock systems, infrastructure to component products. We deliver products that set new standards for sustainable transportation and infrastructure.
Rail Maintenance & Engineering
We provide a complete range of over twenty different rail engineering machinery vehicles that significantly contribute to safety of railway infrastructure. Our systems enable cost and time efficient maintenance processes.
New Energy & Industrial
Based on our reliable transportation power converting technology, we are now dedicated to developing products for wind power generation, photovoltaic energy generation, electric vehicles and ship propulsion systems.
Component Products
We develop and manufacture components products for transportation and industrial applications including busbars, heatsinks, sensors and electronic devices, such as diode, thyristors, GTO, IGCT and IGBT.

About Us

Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co.,Ltd(hereinafter named“the company” or “Times Electric”)is a second-tier subsidiary of CRRC, Times Electric as .....
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  • (Zhuzhou) TEL:+86 731 2849 2157 FAX: +86 731 28491 394
  • (Hongkong) TEL: +852 2189 7268 FAX: +852 2189 7298
  • EMAIL: [email protected]
  • ADD: Shidai Road,Shifeng District,Zhuzhou,Hunan,P.R.C ZHUZHOU
  • Postcode: 412001
  • 海底总动员3d

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